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K. Barron Russell

SURVIVAL GUIDE Living For Less Magazine is Your Connection to Ways to Live for Less. Download a Copy Today!


I believe living for less is like giving yourself a RAISE, perhaps to save enough money to start a business and build a family scholarship, or just to reduce stress by going on an exotic dream vacation. Survival Guide Living for Less is an ongoing publication to share my living for less experiences and what I know- with you.


If you are an Artist, Writer or Performer - this publication is a great tool for you. I share ways to Live for Less. This information could help you Survive, while growing your business. We have reserved space Just For You to promote your creations.


~ Include each food group in your meals. Vegetables, Grains, Proteins, Fruits and Dairy. Click here for a Food Group Poster.


~ Read labels before buying food and drinks to see if nutritious.




Posted  January 26, 2019

Do Something Different. Make a commitment to yourself – NO NEW CLOTHES or SHOES. My commitment, is to remind myself to make a conscious decision to build a family scholarship. I have six grandchildren. Do you think it's wiser for me to buy miscellaneous stuff that probably won't be around for long, or buy silver and gold coins to save for future educational expenses? I'm just saying – what do YOU think is wiser? You decide and please share your thoughts with me by email at:


I bet if you look in the back of your closet, or in a storage bin in your garage – you might find the perfect outfit to wear at that special party. Here's an idea. Locate all of your formal and semi-formal evening wear. Try them on. Look in front of the mirror and see how you look in your fabulous clothes that you already have. Whatever doesn't fit – give it away.


Don't wait until the last minute to plan your attire. You might need alterations. Try on your matching shoes then walk around your home to insure they are comfortable. Layout all of your accessories, months in advance to make sure you have everything you need. Last minute shopping could be costly and frustrating. After your party outfits are ready, you could buy silver and gold coins to build your family scholarship with the money you save.


Learn to live for less for a reason.  I believe building a family scholarship is a good reason.



I'm not giving financial investment advice – I'm just saying, THINK FIRST. Change the way your family thinks about spending money. Learn to Live for Less.


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Learn how to live for less to help you start your own business and survive.




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