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K. Barron Russell

SURVIVAL GUIDE Living For Less Magazine is Your Connection to Ways to Live for Less. Download a Copy Today!


I believe living for less is like giving yourself a RAISE, perhaps to save enough money to start a business and build a family scholarship, or just to reduce stress by going on an exotic dream vacation. Survival Guide Living for Less is an ongoing publication to share my living for less experiences and what I know- with you.


If you are an Artist, Writer or Performer - this publication is a great tool for you. I share ways to Live for Less. This information could help you Survive, while growing your business. We have reserved space Just For You to promote your creations.


~ Include each food group in your meals. Vegetables, Grains, Proteins, Fruits and Dairy. Click here for a Food Group Poster.


~ Shop during super sales, weekly specials and by using Internet coupons.




Posted July 14, 2018

How many times have you said you want to take a Dream Vacation? Often, I've heard many people say it, but most are not willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Save, save and then save some more.



Posted July 14, 2018

Buy a home dry cleaning kit to save money on your dry cleaning bill. If it says you could dry clean four items at a time then wait until you have four items to clean.



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